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    Notes-to-Self from First Trekking Day, June 29, 2011

    Get started early. We did and climbed .5 miles of stairs and then a mile of steep trails up out of Monaco before it got hot. Luckily, also had cloud cover in the early morning.  (In fact, our last "view" (not) of the Mediterranean was from the middle of a cloud!). Got to 85+ degrees by midday -- hot and humid. Think I lost 10 pounds in sweat!

    Climbing out of Monaco
    Climbing out of Monaco

    It's all good. We misread the map (confused roads for trails) and ended up taking a different route to our destination that was more on roads than intended. Good thing, though, because we would have missed the B&B we had reserved for tonight (our 28th anniversary gift) and would have had to walk an extra several miles to get to it.

    People are kind to trekkers. The B&B is far from any town (who knew from their website) and does not serve meals beyond breakfast. The owner drove us to town when she went in for errands, and kindly brought us back again in time to enjoy the lovely pool. We now have dinner, wine, chocolate and tomorrow's lunch.

    History is everywhere, don't forget to look for it. Walking along a gravel path, underfoot were some sections still clearly a constructed Roman road, and along the side at points were ancient stone walls. "Hanging" medieval villages now surrounded by rich people's villas (like Rudolf Nureyev). Partial remnants of a Roman era structure in the middle of town.

    Hike Monaco
    Looking back down on Monaco from part-way up
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