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Improved Weather Today, July 5, 2013

The trekking route for today was not our favorite -- a lot of road walking, a destination (Lac Vert, Green Lake) that was not too special, hot sweaty conditions.  That said, the clouds have totally lifted and when we did have views through the forest cover, they were pretty spectacular.  Also, the architectural variety walking through little hamlets created more of a cultural experience than is usual on a wilderness hike.

Small hamlet
Small hamlet

Lac Vert
Lac Vert

Our written hiking directions describe an Afghan breathing method, by which you can more easily hike uphill by breathing in a certain number of breaths (I think it's four), hold one, breathe out four, until you get to the top.  It makes me dizzy just to think about holding any breath while hiking uphill!  After 30 years of being in AFib, I have perfected my own breathing method, matching my breaths to my steps.  At the start of the hill, three breaths in three out; by the top, pre-ablation I was often at one breath in one out.  For this trip, I've stayed pretty steady at two breaths in two out in even the steepest sections.  Progress!  Of course, I must admit that whenever my heart rate gets anywhere near "overdrive" (the point at which Bob tells me I'm actually improving my aerobic capacity), I stop to catch my breath.  Those of you who suffer from AFib will agree that you would never intentionally create that feeling.

I mentioned yesterday that the hosts at our current lodging (La Maison Jaune) are good chefs.  What an understatement!  Tonight's dinner started with wild mushroom risotto (8 different kinds of wild mushrooms!); then moved to beef roast with a wine reduction, potatoes dauphinoise, and caramelized vegetables; followed by an array of local cheeses and homemade chutneys; and finished off with rose (the wine, not the flower) and raspberry sorbet.  All accompanied by lively conversation comparing the social and political systems in the UK and US, and stories of paragliding and other extreme sport adventures our hosts have enjoyed in the Mont Blanc area.
View out our bedroom window
View out our bedroom window
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