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When It Rains ... , July 3, 2013

The rain showed its many personalities today -- raining steadily when we woke up, drizzling and misting throughout most of our hiking day, pouring down during our final slog back into town and up to our lodgings, and finally turning into fog as the evening lengthened.

The trekking agenda for today was a loop hike to an alpine lake (Lac Jovet), going via the high route, returning via the lower Roman Road.  Since it was only lightly drizzling when we finished breakfast, we took the free town bus to its end (fortuitously also the beginning of our hike) and started on the high route.  Decided when we got up to the plateau below the lake that the cold winds and being enclosed in clouds meant we had reached our turn-around point.

Highlights:  beautiful baroque church at the end of the road/ beginning of the hike; steep climb through woods, which did protect us from much of the rain; incredible array of flowers in the alpine meadows; walked across the snow toe of a glacier; walked across the Roman Bridge (built by the Romans to cross a very deep and narrow gorge, think  slot canyon with a deluge of spring melt racing through) and down the Roman Road.

Church at beginning of trail; note paintings on eaves of front door
Church at beginning of trail; note paintings on eaves of front door

Crossing the toe of a glacier
Crossing the toe of a glacier

The Roman Bridge
The Roman Bridge

Food journal:  Dinner yesterday:  fondue.  Breakfast at our b&b -- homemade apricot cake, homemade bread with homemade preserves (rhubarb from the garden, blueberry from the alpine meadows we visited today, red currants from a friend's garden, etc.) and local honey, homemade yoghurt, and the bowl (not cup) of coffee traditional to this part of France.  Lunch at the Refuge de la Barme, on the plateau directly beneath one of Mont Blanc's glaciers:  soup made of three vegetables, you guess which ones (we did not guess them all correctly, carrot, potato and leek) and the most ginormous and fluffiest omelet ever.
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