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We've Found Our Rhythm, July 2, 2011

Stage 3, D61 (Sospel à Col de Turini) (the second half from Moulinet)

11.72 miles, 6,737’ up, 2,562’ down (about half today)

Stage 4, D60 (Col de Turini à Belvedere)

9.92 miles, 1,988’ up, 4,608’ down

Go to this map and hover over the triangles to see where the stage we just completed is relative to the entire trail. (The stage beginning and end locations are probably backwards, as we are doing the trail in the opposite direction.)

WAHOO !!! We caught up to where we are supposed to be (i.e., did 1.5 stages today) AND it was a really good day. We've figured a lot of things out and are getting into the rhythm of trekking. We are finally good at reading the trail markings (i.e., we did not get lost and have to backtrack any today). We rediscovered our old backpacking hiking/resting pattern and it really works (hike for 50 minutes, rest for 10 , whether you need it or not - my heart is so appreciative and did not go into "overdrive" once today). I am going slowly slowly, especially on the uphills, counting breaths to make sure I stay at the right pace (and Bob is a good pacer). And we are eating a lot and drinking oceans of water (yet I am losing inches like crazy - I cannot cinch my backpack waistbelt any tighter, which definitely was NOT the case in SLC).

Leaving Col de Turini

Got to the "hanging" village of Belvedere around 6 pm, only to discover that this town also has no hotels, only gites. The one gite we called was full, and we had no phone numbers for others. Just as I was having a minor meltdown, a young boy asked us to follow him to an "hotel". It turns out to be a gite his parents run across the alley from their home. When they learned we had no food to cook for dinner (the gite includes a lovely kitchen), they offered to cook us dinner. Oh my, sweet onion from the lady's garden, cheese and bread of the region, roast chicken and potatoes, and pot-de-creme for dessert. We will go to sleep so satisfied tonight!

View from tonight's room in Belvedere

Hope to have WiFi tomorrow evening. Will have to post multiple days' reports at once.

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