Atrial Fibrillation Survivor


Afib Survivor is our newest resource for providing survivors of Afib the chance to celebrate their experiences!  Here survivors can connect with current patients and build not only a greater understanding of atrial fibrillation, but a wider and more educated support group for those who have been diagnosed. The purpose is to continue educating the public about atrial fibrillation and its health risks, especially the risk of stroke, and provide more insight into the cutting edge research behind the technology that the Comprehensive Arrhythmia Research and Managment Center (CARMA Center) is developing.

Create your own Afib survivor profile to tell your unique story. Get the latest dates on our free Afib screenings, outreach programs and other educational events. Sign up to volunteer, donate, or learn more. Follow Afib Survivor Michele Straube's blog as she details her trek through the Via Alpina to raise awareness of Atrial Fibrillation. Read commonly asked afib questions and learn how to schedule an appointment.

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