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AboutWhy and How We Accelerate

Our Why

Accelerate is University of Utah's improvement community. It's where we share the real, hard work of change in healthcare with more context, more connection and more belief. This is where our experts share practical insights everyone can use.

Our How

Accelerate is informed by the following learning principles:

  1.  Contributors are the people actually doing the work
  2.  Content promotes practical ideas and solutions
  3.  Community needs shape the learning
  4.  Design happens with patients instead of for patients

View the complete Accelerate: Introduction and Style Guide.

Our Team

Accelerate is created and managed by a team of diverse healthcare professionals at the University of Utah.

We approach learning from a design perspective. Our focus is on the experiences of delivering care and leading change. We synthesize information for people new to healthcare transformation, people who are looking for actionable information, and people looking for everyday context for major themes.


Expert Advisors