Academics & Research



Mick Jurynec Orthopaedics

Researchers at University of Utah Health are using zebrafish to determine the role of one particular gene in the onset and progression of osteoarthritis.

Julie Fritz Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Physical Therapy students and faculty at U of U Health spoke with Hispanic immigrants to identify their concerns about lower back care to craft treatments that are culturally sensitive and effective. The findings from this study were published in the April issue of the Physical Therapy Journal of Policy, Administration and Leadership.

Barry Stultz Internal Medicine

Clinicians at University of Utah Health have completed a study demonstrating how guideline-quality office blood pressure measurements and home blood pressure monitoring can be effectively implemented into the workflow of a busy primary care practice.

Olga Baker School of Dentistry

Researchers at the University of Utah Health identified an important molecular mechanism that may influence the progression of Sjögren’s syndrome in mice.

Carol Bruggers Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

A team of researchers at University of Utah Health have developed EmpowerStars!, a mobile video game to help pediatric cancer patients as they progress through and complete cancer therapy.

Anne Kirby Occupational & Recreational Therapies

A new study by researchers at University of Utah Health spoke with autistic adolescents to learn first-hand their own views on entering adulthood. The results are published in the premiere issue of the journal Autism in Adulthood.

Stefan Pulst Neurology

Scientists at University of Utah Health joined an international team of researchers on a project that identified a gene mutation that may be responsible for some sporadic and familial cases of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Research from University of Utah Health shows that an enzyme called ADARs prevents cells from mounting an immune response against itself. Recently published in Genes & Development, their investigation demonstrates one way in which cells distinguish friend from foe.

Daniel Leung Division of Infectious Diseases

Scientists at University of Utah Health have developed a test that can quickly identify populations that had been recently infected with cholera. The new test can be easily deployed in the field as a first step in deciding on the most effective way to curb the spread of disease.

Managing care for patients with chronic pain is complicated as practitioners navigate the need to alleviate pain while keeping powerful medications off the streets. Nicholas Cox and colleagues at University of Utah Health led a pilot study to evaluate whether integrating a pharmacist into the primary care team could address the problem.

Mary Elizabeth Hartnett John A. Moran Eye Center

John A. Moran Eye Center physician investigator Mary Elizabeth Hartnett's National Institutes of Health-funded lab has discovered crucial information about the role of EPO in the eye.

Clement Chow Human Genetics

Research by scientists at University of Utah Health shows how experiments in the common fruit fly can yield insights into rare human diseases with relative ease at a rapid pace.

Aaron Quinlan Human Genetics

Scientists at University of Utah Health developed a new search engine to overcome obstacles for searching genome databases that may accelerate the application of personalized medicine.

William Couldwell Neurosurgery

Researchers at University of Utah Health conducted the first review to evaluate post-surgery complication rates associated with overlapping surgery.