Research from the laboratory of Dr. Simon Fisher

Crystal structure of Vms1 highlighting the autoinhibitory domain (cyan) that is removed during mitochondrial stress -Research from the laboratory of Dr. Jared Rutter

GFP positive adipose progenitor cells were injected into a mouse model subcutaneously -Research from the laboratory of Dr. Sihem Boudina

Diabetes & Metabolism Research Center

The Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center (DMRC) at University of Utah Health aims to bring together clinicians, researchers, and educators to broadly support research relating to diabetes, metabolism, and overall metabolic health.

The DMRC research scope spans the continuum from basic research studies using model systems to clinical trials. Studies on diabetes include investigations on the pathophysiology of diabetes, control of diabetes complications, and diabetes management strategies.

Research on metabolism ranges from basic investigations on mitochondrial biology and metabolic control to metabolic contributions to heart disease and cancer.

Our goal is to create a platform for innovative basic, translational, clinical, and population health research that will yield new prevention methods and treatments that ultimately improve metabolic health and quality of life.

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Biomarker Could Identify Patients With Potential to Recover From Advanced Heart Failure
Jan 17, 2017

Biomarker Could Identify Patients With Potential to Recover From Advanced Heart Failure

Diabetes, Cardiovascular Center, , heart recovery, heart disease, diabetes

Investigators at the University of Utah have identified distinct differences in the hearts of advanced heart failure patients who have defied the odds and showed signs of recovery from the disease. Published online in the journal Circulation, the new findings could help clinicians identify the best candidates for cardiac recovery therapies.... Read More

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Scott Summers, PhD
Professor and Chair,
Department of Nutrition and Integrated Physiology

Jared Rutter, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Bridget Hughes, PhD
Associate Director, Research Program Development
Vice President of Health Sciences Research Unit

Phone: 801-585-9304

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Endocrinology Faculty Recruitment

The Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, and Department of Internal Medicine recruits outstanding applicants to academic faculty positions to expand our high-priority research programs in diabetes, obesity, and metabolism.

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